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Premier League, also known as English Premier League, EPL, is a professional football league in England for men. There are overall 20 teams that compete for the title every year between September and May. The current holder of the title is Liverpool and the team that holds the most titles is Manchester United. SofaScore tracks live football scores and Premier League table, results, statistics and top scorers. In the 20/21 season, among the most popular teams in Premier League for online sea

2021 Premier League TopScorer

2021 Premier League TopScorer
1Matthias Muscheoverall256
2Michael Spatzoverall254
3Georg P?hleoverall246
4Eric Meinhardtoverall238
5Tim Wielingoverall236
6Julius Kühnoverall224
7Philipp Weberoverall224
8Tobias Schwolowoverall222
9Robert Weberoverall219
11Tim Hornkeoverall215
12Oddur Grétarssonoverall209
13Marcel Schilleroverall207
14Hans Lindbergoverall203
16Janko Bo?ovi?overall196
17Timo Kasteningoverall190
18Antonio Metzneroverall189
19Niclas Ekbergoverall187
20Christian Hosseoverall183
21Rene Drechsleroverall182
22Petar Nenadi?overall182
23Florian Billekoverall181
24Dirk Holzneroverall181
25Benas Petreikisoverall179
26Tim Hornkeoverall179
28Florian Billekoverall179
29Philipp Weberoverall176
30Tom Skroblienoverall174
31Lukas Zerbeoverall173
33Michael Damgaardoverall173
34Yves Kunkeloverall171
35Michael Damgaardoverall171
36Jonas Faulenbachoverall171
37Hans Lindbergoverall169
38Niclas Ekbergoverall169
39Lasse Svanoverall168
40Jan-Lars Gaubatzoverall168
41Kai H?fneroverall166
42Michael Damgaardoverall166
43Niclas Ekbergoverall164
44Robert Weberoverall164
45Merten Kringsoverall164
46Lasse Mikkelsenoverall164
47Andy Schmidoverall164
48Kai H?fneroverall163
49Niklas Welleroverall163
50Marcel Schilleroverall162